Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions about our window well covers. We have answers.

How much weight can Nationwide Window Well Covers hold?

Our high-quality steel covers can hold at least 300 lbs!

How are the covers fixed to the window well?

Building code states that the covers have to be completely removable. Our covers lay on top of the well.

Are all window wells a standard size and shape?

No, although our covers will fit on most wells. Simply measure your window well at the farthest point away from the house, and the longest point side to side to determine which cover size is best for you.

Can I cancel or return my order?

We accept returns/exchanges on any cover so long as it is in resale condition (protective film must still be on the polycarbonate covers). Delivery charges are non-refundable, but they may be credited towards custom covers with our affiliates if a custom solution is needed.

Can I choose the color of paint?

We only offer classic black paint but you can spray paint them any color you would like once they have been installed.

What if I need my covers immediately?

Because we stock all of our products, your order is generally ready for pick up right away. For orders to be delivered, installed, or shipped our service team will follow up with you to let you know when to expect your covers, typically within 2-3 days.

What type of paint is used for Nationwide Window Well Covers?

We use the best powder coating procedures in the industry. Zinc Phosphate rust inhibitors are applied to cleaned bare metal. Followed by powder coating that is 4.5 mils thick. That’s twice the suggested thickness to provide not only a durable finish but a clean look that you’d expect on a top-of-the-line product!

Why choose Nationwide Window Well Covers?

Nationwide Window Well Covers are simply the best value for the cost. We have over 20 years experience and it shows in our products and prices!

Do I need a price estimate before I order?

All our window well covers are one price, no matter the size of your wells. So it’s easy to calculate the costs for your project. Count the number of covers you need and multiply by the price. No other hidden service fees.

Can a child remove the covers in the case of an emergency?

If the child is able to remove a screen or open a window, they can get our covers off.

Is there a warranty on the covers?

We offer a lifetime structural warranty. We do not cover scratches or chips.

My window sits higher than the well itself is that going to cause a problem?

We deal with this situation often and it will not create a problem. Since the window sits higher than the well itself, there will be a gap between the cover and the window.

What type of material are your steel covers made of?

Our steel cover is made out of an expanded metal and angle iron.

How do I know if I need covers?

If the well is within 3 feet of a walkway it is required by building code to have a cover. If you have pets or children it’s never a bad idea to cover your window wells to help prevent accidents and injuries.

How much light does the steel covers let in?

Our steel covers will allow 85% of natural light.